Radical Roots

Radical Roots

Roots reaching deep drawing up nourishment
This world needs all minds
Mines of understanding

Succulent ideas below the surface of consciousness
To feed a world starving for sustenance
Meaning that is more fulfilling than the bottom line
Hope that is an antidote to addition

Roots spreading, holding soil to hills,
Creating something out of nothing but earth and sun
A riparian buffer of good sense,

One clear brook running into another,
Tumbling together to the sea,
Weaving the clarity of many sources,
Clearing the channels

The river flows where it flowed
Before the mountains rose
Water finds a way around stone
Persistence matters

A river of discourse is powerful enough
To create soil from bedrock
The archeology of fertile minds
From which all can thrive

1 thought on “Radical Roots

  1. Editorial notes:

    I deleted the extra post.

    T go from double space to single-

    In the Post editor, when you hit return, you automatically get a double space. To get a single space, use shift-return.

    I started to fix this by backspacing the hard return and then using shift-return. I was not sure of stanza breaks. But now Lucy can make it just so.

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