Dresden, Hisoshima, Nagasaki ???

 1945.  We know who decided –

 -cid is the “kill” root, as in homicide, suicide, genocide,

and too many other –cides –


but were these cities

new Sodoms and Gemorrahs?


Were any bargains made?

No, we know.


Abraham, pleading for people,

talked with God.


Abraham is dead.



from Spaces and Lines

by Karl Patten

 Commentary:  I think what struck off “We Know” was the fact that I know a survivor of the Dresden bombing, a young woman then, who told me in detail her horrible experiences – and my long-time guilt about the bombing of the Japanese cities.  Apart from Hitler’s Holocaust, the three greatest horrors of the World War II, and perpetrated by us, the “good guys”.  But the cid root played a part, too, turning the guilt directly on us.  But two cities had been destroyed in Genesis.  There, God destroyed them, but only after giving Abraham a chance to argue and save a few lives; our leaders didn’t think of asking God first or giving any warning, which shows his irrelevance in our time.  Perhaps the last line should be “God is dead.”  I suppose I did not shoose it to avoid sounding like Nietzshe.


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