Damn Moochers Who Pay No Marginal Income Tax

You know who does not pay INCOME taxes in America? Mitt and Ann Romney. On their 2011 tax return there is no INCOME, so no income tax. All of their federal axes are capital gains and interest. Continue reading

Torture Still not OK

Short thought.  I posted this on facebook.  I’ll be curious to see what kind of reaction it gets.

Even IF the attack on Osama BL had been 100% due to torturing prisoners, it would not mean a vindication of the torture cheerleaders. Why? 1) It is only a colossal failure of the imagination to think that any action is the result of one and only one course of action. There are always other ways. 2) What price can we put on our national integrity? As John McCain said once: it is not about them, it is about us.

Source for McCain (WaPo article 2005)